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The S-Gear amp effects are designed to be able to be utilized in any DAW (digital audio workstation) which includes AudioMaxx, FL Studio, Reaper and others. S-Gear consists of three audio effects, all of which are plugin compatible. The first is the S-Gear Guitar Amp. This provides 8 classic Valve amplifiers as an instrument in your DAW. The settings of each of the amplifiers can be adjusted for standard guitars as well as to emulate the tone of various electronic guitars. Settings for the full range of amps are provided with the most common settings being pre-set for acoustic guitars. The User Interface can be set to allow the guitarist to quickly and easily adjust settings in the plugin via the GUI. The second plugin is S-Gear Speaker Cabinet. This allows for any type of speaker cabinet to be simulated in any DAW. The cabinet simulator can be set up to provide presets for classic speakers such as the Fender Jazz Bass, Vox AC30, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JCM 800, Sony ES, Sony PMW G2, Peavey 105a, Gibson Les Paul Standard and the more modern Focusrite Saffire 6+ and Focusrite Saffire 20. Each preset can have its own unique set of controls to provide fine tuning of the setting for the speaker cabinet. The User Interface allows the cabinet to be dialed in quickly via the GUI. The last plugin is S-Gear: The Vintage Digital Echo. This provides the ability to apply a digital echo which is typically found on recording consoles. You can add either the traditional delay, slapback and overdrive effects to the signal to provide a unique sound. ALL three plugins can be utilized in the same channel in the mixer as well as be used separately to allow for creative sound design. Other Amps (Valve, Fender, Peavey, etc) may be used on their own as well in combination with the S-Gear amp as a single plugin in your DAW mixer. The S-Gear amp is available in 3 or 4 band mode as well as a custom user preset mode that allows the various amp settings to be loaded into memory. Presets for both AC30 and GFS speakers may be loaded into memory as well for use with those types of speakers. Controls for each of the amps are provided via the User Interface. Note that both AC30 and GFS speaker presets allow access to the controls for



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Scuffham S-gear 2 With Crack
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