Who. What. Why.

So La! is a project conceived by me, Tom Mullany, to be an umbrella brand encompassing my foray into the Food & Beverage industry.

Since moving to Malaysia in 2018 I've fallen madly in love with the varied and exciting cuisine here and in the broader region. 

A long-term food fanatic, a drastic career change into F&B has been something I've considered for a long time. I was just waiting for the right outlet.

The long-term goal is to set up a diverse and thriving food business operating in both Malaysia and the UK. 

But firstly, I am acutely aware of the delicate balance required when cooking another culture's cuisine. Keen to avoid any notion of "cultural appropriation" my aim is to give Malaysian cuisine the respect it definitely deserves. I want to set out to contribute all I can to this incredibly rich food culture and will be embarking on projects to hopefully achieve this, including:

- Building a deep understanding of local food and culture

- Promoting Malaysian cuisine to non-Malaysian audiences

- Forming meaningful partnerships with Malaysian food businesses and individuals

- Highlighting quality Malaysian produce with an ambition to export to the UK

- Developing highly authentic dishes which pay proper respect to regionality and traditional techniques.